Allen 'Gut' Turk 



Allen 'Gut' Turk - 1968. © Photo Jim Marshall.


When i think about Gut, this is what comes . . .
He was an outlaw. I don't think he ever paid taxes . . . The only job i can remember he had was Art Director for the Jefferson Airplane, but it was short lived. He was a fantastic artist and craftsman. Lettering, ˆ la psychedelic posters was a specialty, as well as wonderful drawings of motorcycles and boats. He had made beautiful "books" full of psychedelic collages - of Hell's Angels & Rock & Roll. He made really exceptional handmade knives. Before this (and me), it was handmade motorcycles. Like the Lion King (Leo) that he is, he basked in being in the center, like the sun, and he took me into the center of the scene, which is where i wanted to be. He knew everyone, loved the scene and loved the music - the louder and more hardcore the better. He was very charming and had a beautiful smile. Walking with Gut through concerts and backstages, teaming with people, energy, and craziness . . . was like walking with an Indian scout, through the forest. He had an uncanny calmness and clarity that cut through . . . To me he was a folk hero, whatever that really is . . . He was such a strange combination of things. We married in the woods in Indian buckskin, served carrot juice . . . We sailed the South Pacific. Life with Gut was never dull !
. . . Nancy

I suppose reference to Nancy as the main reason Blue Cheer went into the studio in the first place can be attributed to her as she paid for their first recording session which eventually landed them the Mercury Records contract. Nancy is a delight and a beauty, and truly influenced Blue Cheer in a most positive way
. . . Eric

Allen 'Gut' Turk & Paul Whaley - 4/1968

Gut's name is in Tom Wolfe's Electric Cool Aid Acid Test and On The Road by Jack Kerouac. Also a Hell's Angel and one of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters. Tattoo Designer, Poster Artist, once owner of a head shop called Joynt Venture. Gut and Blue Cheer are mentioned in Sonny Barger's book Hell's Angel.

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