Mint Tattoo (/68)
Mint Tattoo        (/68)
Bruce Stephensguitar, lead vocals
Ralph Burns Kelloggbass, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Gregg Thomasdrums, percussion
Vampire Symphony  
    - Sister Bleu3:53(Stephens)
    - Leper's Epitaph1:34(Stephens, Kellogg)
    - Policeman's Ball2:24(Kellogg)
    - Littal Lieu Lieu's Revenge0:15(Stephens, Kellogg)
Faces Of Roses3:37(Stephens, Kellogg)
I'm Talking About You3:25(Chuck Berry)
Scorpio Woman6:46(Stephens, Kellogg)
Mark Of The Beast2:37(Stephens, Kellogg)
Moanin'4:21(Bobby Timmons)
With Love2:30(Kellogg)
I Hear The Spirits3:22(Stephens, Kellogg)

Recorded At A & R Studios, N.Y.C.
Produced By James William Guercio
Photography: Baron Wolman

I'm Talking About You/Mark Of The Beast/68  Dot 17242

Bruce Stephens 1968Ralph Burns Kellogg 1968Gregg Thomas 1968
Bruce StephensRalph Burns KelloggGregg Thomas

Bruce Stephens

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