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Released July 2012!

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Blue Cheer #7

Remastered from original master tapes, this material was recorded in 1979 and remained unreleased to this day.
Sometimes referred to as the original “Beast is Back”album, the tapes were presented to various labels when
Megaforce signed the band for an album deal in the mid 1980’s. Released on 150gram multicolored vinyl and a beautiful gate fold cover.
Numbered and limited to only 500 copies
Blue Cheer 7 Blue Cheer 7 back


Blue Cheer Inside Right

Blue Cheer Inside Left

Spinning image designed by Judy Herzog and Carol Watts as the original album cover art for Blue Cheer 7, 1979'

Spinning image designed by Judi Bebianno and Carol Watts as the original album cover art for Blue Cheer 7, 1979




Albums produced or co-produced by Eric Albronda :

Blue Cheer - Outside Inside 8/68
Blue Cheer - Blue Cheer 12/69
Blue Cheer - The Original Human Being 9/70
Blue Cheer - OH ! Pleasant Hope 4/71
Blue Cheer - The Beast Is Back 2/85
Leigh Stephens - Red Weather 2/69
Pilot - Pilot 10/71
Blue Cheer - Cheer #7 (recorded 4/1979) 7/12


George Michalski - San Francisco


George Michalski's new CD San Francisco - a Soundtrack to the City of San Francisco - is available now. Music Production assisted by Eric Albronda. Captures the Spirit of the San Francisco Sound from the early Charlatans days right up to now.

George Michalski - San Francisco

George & Dickie recently have been talking about a project in the near future.


Gadsby & Skol


Gadsby & Skol is available now on Woronzow Records. A Heavy Rock trio formed in the late 60's in Toronto. This is a re-recording of their original unreleased album containing a version of Just A Little Bit.
   Thanks for Inspiration: Blue Cheer

Gadsby & Skol


Michael Stuart (Sons of Adam & Love)


I have created a web site to market a book I have written about the years I spent recording and touring as the drummer in the rock group Love.
. . . Michael Stuart-Ware
Michael Stuart on drums with Sons of Adam (including Randy Holden) and later with Love.


Dieter Saller & Mystic Eyes


Regensburg based band The Mystic Eyes with Dieter Saller on lead guitar have just finished recording their second album Flashback. It's available through The Mystic Eyes.


The Peddicord - Stephens Band


. . . is currently working on a new CD which contains some really good songs !
Release Date: Most probably in 2002. Title: "Don't Blame Me"


Randy Holden


Randy Holden's new CD Guitar God 2001 is available now at ". . . the new album, the album I've pretty much finished, was really fun. I've got a 23-minute guitar instrumental that is just incredible."

Randy Holden - Guitar God 2001

Randy Holden interviewed by Richie Unterberger.
    Randy Holden interviewed by Keith Hannaleck.
      Randy Holden interviewed by Gabriel Lilliehook.
        Randy Holden interviewed by Pooter & Doctor Dark.


The acoustic Hank Davison Band with Dickie Peterson


The Hank Davison Band Live

Hank Davison guitar, vocals
Dickie Peterson bass, vocals
Lewis Glover harp
Mirek lead guitar

07.10.2000, Saturday, Winkl (WŠngle/Reutte), Pension International
14.10.2000, Saturday, Nźrnberg, Brown Sugar
28.10.2000, Saturday, Worms, Helloween Party (Ghostriders MC)
18.11.2000, Saturday, Bad Kreuznach, Clubhouse Party (Ghostriders MC)
25.11.2000, Saturday, Ulm, Loge (Broncos MC)

CDs from the Hank Davison Band are available at: Hank Davison


Jerry Peterson - Tumbleweed


Dickie & Jerry Peterson - 2000. Click here to see enlargement.

Jerry Peterson - Tumbleweed released on Captain Trip Records June 2000.


Norman Mayell - Mortal Loom


I'm in the business again. Go to Sopwith Camel / CD Update and read. Mortal Loom is my latest project and the European Release is for sale now . . . . Norm
Phone: (510) 428-9200
Fax: (510) 428-9251
5865 Doyle Street, Suite 112
Emeryville, CA 94608


Blue Cheer - Live


Burg Herzberg Open Air 2000, © 2000 Think Progressive

Burg Herzberg Open Air 2000
13. - 16. 7. 2000
Hof Huhnstadt, Breitenbach am Herzberg
(Alsfeld - Bad Hersfeld)
featuring :
Blue Cheer, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Steppenwolf, Mitch Ryder, Rufus Zuphall, Kraan,
Birth Control, Them, Blues Power, Ole Lukkoje, Argile, Hypnotix, Human Brain Circus, . . .
13.7. - "Free Culture" - Bands from St. Petersburg
14.7. - Blues Power, Them, Steppenwolf, Ole Lukkoje
15.7. - Human Brain Circus, Blue Cheer, Birth Control, Mitch Ryder, Kraan, Big Brother
16.7. - Argile, Hypnotix, Rufus Zuphall


Blue Cheer - Tribute Album


Blue Explosion - Tribute To Blue Cheer

Blue Explosion - Tribute To Blue Cheer

(2LP / CD) with:

Doctor Please Pentagram
Parchment Farm Internal Void
Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger Hogwash
Out Of Focus Thumlock
Ride With Me Natas
Fortunes Fireball Ministry
Pilot Norrsken
Fresh Fruit & Iceburgs Garybaldi
Sun Cycle Rise And Shine
Just A Little Bit Wicked Minds
Sandwich Standarte
Second Time Around Space Probe Taurus
Come And Get It Drag Pack
I'm The Light Vortice Cremisi
Peace Of Mind UFOMammut
Feathers From Your Tree Pentagram




K A K - OLA. 20 track compilation on Big Beat/Ace Records. Contains 1969's K A K, plus unissued material, including some tracks featuring Gary Yoder with members of Blue Cheer and Oxford Circle.


Leigh Stephens Live At Patti and Otto's


The annual July 4 party at Patti and Otto's (1310 hwy 193, Cool, Ca. 95614) will be held July 3 starting in the afternoon and going late into the nite. I will be playing with Kelly Stephens and Bobby Eisenberg until we run out of songs. We will be playing the songs we intend to put on our new cd. There will be other bands and musicians. Hope you can make it. Leigh

Leigh Stephens is currently working on a new instrumental guitar cd along with Kelly Stephens (keyboards) and Bobby Eisenberg (drums).


Blue Cheer - Live In Japan 1999


Blue Cheer - Live In Japan 1999 will be released on Captain Trip Records on July 26. The title of the new cd is Hello Tokyo, Bye Bye Osaka. There will be a video of the Japan tour as well.

Blue Cheer - Hello Tokyo, Bye Bye Osaka (7/99)

Blue Cheer - Hello Tokyo, Bye Bye Osaka (7/99)


Leigh Stephens - Chronic With A K


The Taxim Records "Fourth Wave of Bay Area Blues" has just been released in Europe.

A Fourth Wave Of Bay Area Blues (2/99)

A Fourth Wave Of Bay Area Blues (2/99)

Chronic with a K is on track #15 with the song "We Gotta Get Out of this Place". The version is totally different than on the "Ride the Thunder" CD. If you are interested in ordering a CD, you can through the Taxim Records Web Page. Thanks, Leigh.


Blue Cheer meets Godzilla


Blue Cheer will be doing concerts in Japan, February 1999.

Dickie Peterson bass, lead vocals
Paul Whaley drums
Andrew 'Duck' McDonald guitar, vocals

The tour of Japan will beginning on February 10th. Three shows. 1 in Osaka and 2 in Tokyo. A live CD will be recorded during the tour. There might be even new studio recordings.


Dickie Peterson - Tramp


A new CD on Captain Trip Records is out now titled Tramp.

Dickie Peterson - Tramp (2/99)

Dickie Peterson - Tramp (2/99)

Jerry Peterson will be doing a solo CD together with Dickie this year . . .


Dickie Peterson - Hank Davison Band - Dos Hombres


Dickie Peterson has teamed up with some members of the Hank Davison Band to do some acoustic gigs around Germany during the winter months. The band is called Dos Hombres.
". . . we should be doing some shows over Xmas and when i return from Japan. We are doing a few songs i have written and some real acoustic stoner stuff. At any rate it's a hell of a lot of fun."

Hank Davison & Friends - Real Live

Hank Davison & Friends - Real Live

Trouble Get Your Kicks On Route 66
Leo Lyons' Kick Feel Good About It
Leo Lyons' Kick Living It Up
Hank Davison Band Intro
Hank Davison Band Panhead
Hank Davison Band Come On And Say Yeah
Hank Davison Band Nutbush City Limits
Hank Davison Band Prisoner Blues
Hank Davison Band feat. Alvin Lee Slow Blues In 'C'
Hank Davison Band feat. Dickie Peterson Summertime Blues
Hank Davison Band feat. Dickie Peterson Hoochie Coochie Man
Hank Davison Band feat. Glenn Hughes The Liar
Hank Davison Band feat. Glenn Hughes Highway Star
Trouble She's Gone

Hank Davison Band
14.11.1998 Wangen
05.12.1998 Möttingen
16.12.1998 Augsburg (t.b.a.)
21.05.1999 Zeltfestival, Pfaffenhoffen
29.05.1999 Tisen, Italy
17.07.1999 Jamboree, Biesenthal
14.08.1999 Rock 'n' Bike Festival, Frankfurt
11.09.1999 Open Air, Augsburg

DOS HOMBRES (feat. Hank Davison & Dickie Peterson)
12.12.1998 Neu-Ulm
27.02.1999 Pubalapub, Landsberg
13.03.1999 Paukis Harley-Davidson, Berndshofen
20.03.1999 Motorrad Eder, Augsburg
08.05.1999 Toyrun, Erlangen
28.05.1999 Village, Habach


Leigh Stephens (Chronic With A K)


Chronic With A K have finished recording their first CD in late '98. The title is Ride the Thunder.

Chronic With A K - Ride The Thunder (11/98)

Chronic With A K - Ride The Thunder (11/98)

At this time it is available by mail order only. See Leigh Stephens' Order Page for details.

Leigh Stephens interviewed by Scott Guitars.


Randy Hammon - Savage Resurrection


". . . the band is reissuing our album ourselves, and it will be distributed through a local record label called Mod Lang in Berkeley, CA. The reissue will have their label name on it, but it is a band reissue. It should be back from the pressing plant within 3 weeks and all ready to go. Also, it will be available from Mod Lang Records in Berkeley as mailorder. We have a 12 page booklet included with photos, bio material, and we also have included 3 bonus tracks."

Randy Hammon is Paul Whaley's cousin and their one and only album was produced by Abe 'Voco' Kesh.


Randy Holden


Randy Holden's new CD Blue (recorded 2/97) has been mixed 3/98 at Electric Randyland.

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